Venture and Enjoy
Car Show

Relics & Rods Car Show and Firework Display

Ever watched Burn-Out and Big Flame competitions? Ever participated in a town-wide “cruise night”? If not, strap in and head over to the Relics & Rods Car Show in Wilburton! There’s a free cookout and car show, along with live music and street vendors to round-out a huge day of family fun! Check out all the amazing cars, then grab your lawn chairs & blankets and head over to Gary Rosebure Recreational Park for a spectacular fireworks display. The perfect end to a perfectly fun day!


What About Bob Chuckwagon Races

You ain’t never seen nothin’ like this before! The race is on – when 100 teams of horses, mules, drivers, cooks and outriders compete in a wide-open race! Four action-packed days of Wild West activities include barrel racing, pasture team roping, live music and great outdoor cooking will be a memorable event for the whole family!

Jeep Invasion at the Park

Jeep Invasion at the Park

All Jeep owners and enthusiasts are invited to attend the Jeep Invasion in the Park event held at Robbers Cave State Park in Wilburton. Bring your Jeep to the park, and hit the trails marked off for beginners, or challenge your wheels to the more challenging pathways. Difficulty levels vary depending on rainfall.

Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

With the pandemic’s effect still taking its toll on small businesses this holiday season, we’d like to reinforce the importance of shopping small. In our search for surprisingly cool gifts to feature, we discovered that some of the best gifts can come in small(business) packages.

Featured are five cutest small shops in Southeast Oklahoma where we’ve got you covered from jams, wreaths, metal décor and more. Let us guide you through the very best holiday gifts that Choctaw Country has to offer!

Kayterra Farms, LLC Durant, OK
The best part about Christmas is eating yourself into a food coma. So why not do it in a healthy manner? Kayterra Farms is committed to creating and producing foods that you can feel good about feeding you family. They have wonderful jams and delicious seasonal butters that are hand crafted in their kitchen. They’ve recently even expanded into a new line, pickled products!

When you buy from Kayterra Farms, you are purchasing a quality product with less sugar, more fruit and an all-natural product from pure cane sugar. With flavors from blackberry, warm pecan pie, sassy strawberry jalapeño and more there’s something for everyone!

Jams are a perfect holiday gifts for your foodie friends and family. They are the perfect for spicing up a cheeseboard or a loaf of bread.

TuffRoots LLC Idabel, OK
‘Tis the season to share the long-lasting authenticity of a TuffRoots handmade leather product. From wallets to shaving bags, you simply can’t go wrong with a classic leather gift.

What makes TuffRoots leather so unique is their high-quality products coupled with affordable prices. Using full grain leather, the strongest and most durable leather available, to create stunning products that only get better with age.

ArclightCNC Red Oak, OK
ArclightCNC produces unique and personalized custom coat of arms, family crests, trophies, home decor, and custom parts with their CNC plasma machine at affordable prices.

ArclightCNC custom designed art pieces are perfect to hang on the walls of nurseys, living rooms, patios, RVs and more!

Products are always cut from quality steel and powder coating services to prevent oxidation so your personalized artwork will last more than a lifetime!

Little Country Flowers and Gifts Wilburton, OK
Transform your front door for the season with a handmade wreath. Little Country Flowers and Gifts offers a variety of wreaths on grapevine, deco mesh and burlap that easily brightens up your home.

A variety of beautiful, custom wreaths for all seasons, Little Country Flowers and Gifts wreaths can be customized for you with your favorite colors, monogram, ribbons, team, theme and more!

Besides your front door, hang it above the fireplace or on a living room wall to spice up any room.

Paint and Chardonnay

Paint and Chardonnay Broken Bow, OK
Gift an experience this holiday season! Everyone can embrace their inner artist at Paint and Chardonnay as they offer fun, unique ways to spend time with friends and family and feel inspired.

Paint and Chardonnay offers paint and sip events with the options to paint on a variety of surfaces including canvas, glass, wood pallets, wood trays and more! Whether you’re a beginner or expert painter, Paint and Chardonnay has a variety of paintings to paint. From animals, scenic views, florals and the option to submit requests to paint.

For the month of December, Paint and Chardonnay is offering 10% off any painting. Be sure to mention #ChoctawCountry and book your reservation today!

Let’s support our local small businesses this holiday season by purchasing beautiful gifts from independent businesses based in Choctaw Country. Hurry up and slow down, the holidays are fast approaching!

Rocks Worth the Climb

Rocks Worth the Climb

By Christian Toews
From the July 2020 Biskinik

The sport of rock climbing has gained in popularity in recent years. With indoor climbing gyms opening across the nation, more people are being exposed to the sport.

According to the Climbing Business Journal, the commercial climbing industry grew at a rate of 6.9% in 2016, 10% in 2017, and 11.8% in 2018. Rock climbing’s recent surge in popularity is reflected in the decision to add the sport to the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo.

Sarah Toews climbing at Robbers Cave State Park
Sarah Toews makes a complicated move while bouldering in Robbers Cave State Park.

Indoor climbing gyms have become popular in part because they offer the experience of climbing without dealing with the elements of the outdoors, but most climbers will agree, there is nothing like climbing on real rocks outside.

If you don’t live in Oklahoma or haven’t explored some of the state, you might be surprised that people are climbing here. While the majority of the state is made up of prairies and plains, Oklahoma has some areas that are great for climbing, and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma holds two of the best places to climb within the state.

Ryan Jumper at Robbers Cave State Park
Ryan Jumper looks at his landing spot as Sarah Toews makes sure he doesn’t fall after landing.

Robbers Cave State Park near Wilburton, Oklahoma is known for being an excellent place to explore the outdoors, take in amazing views, and it’s also a destination for rock climbers. With its huge sandstone rock faces, many climbers love to “top rope” in this area. Top roping offers the rock-climbing experience with all the rewards but minimal risks.

Top roping, simply put, is climbing a rock face with the climbing rope always anchored above you. Much like an indoor gym, you have someone who belays the climber. The belayer takes the slack out of the rope above the climber and then lowers the climber to the ground when they have completed the route. If you fall, you only fall a short distance, minimizing the risk of injury. Top roping is good for beginners but requires a lot of gear. You need harnesses, ropes, helmets, and other gear, depending on the rocks.

Ryan Jumper climbs at Robbers Cave State Park
Ryan Jumper climbs a low overhang in Robbers Cave State Park.

Another popular style of climbing is “Bouldering.” Bouldering is rock climbing stripped down to its raw essentials. Leaving behind ropes and harnesses, bouldering only requires climbing shoes and a bag of chalk over safety mats or “crash pads” as climbers call them. The challenge is to climb short but tricky bouldering “problems” (a route or sequence of moves) using balance, technique, strength and brain power.

Bouldering is a very popular option in climbing because of its simplicity, safety, and the ability to hang out with other climbers while challenging yourself. “I love bouldering because it’s challenging but relatively simple. You just need a crash pad, your shoes, and a few friends. My favorite part of bouldering is the problem-solving aspect. The route is short, but a simple change in your foot position can either make or break your success,” Said Rachel Toews. Toews is a Durant, Oklahoma resident and avid climber.

McGee Creek State Park
Sarah Toews tops out after completing a route in McGee Creek State Park.

A second bouldering location within the Choctaw Nation is Mcgee Creek State Park near Atoka, Oklahoma. This state park is located on the southwest edge of the Ouachita Mountain Range. Dallas, Texas locals first started developing here in the early 2000s, and many of the classic climbing routes have long been established. Much of this information hasn’t been published or made public but a guidebook is currently in development and in its final stages that will include McGee Creek bouldering, according to McGee Creek State Park offers many outdoor recreation opportunities including water activities, camping, hiking and fishing in addition to rock climbing.

Rachel Toews climbs at Robbers Cave State Park
Rachel Toews climbs above her crash pad in Robbers Cave State Park.

Both of these rock-climbing locations are listed on This website (and mobile app) is the definitive guide to rock climbing routes and locations. With over 220,000 routes listed, you can find climbing locations across the United States and around the world. If you would like more information on climbing at Mcgee Creek or Robbers Cave state parks, you can visit this website to find precise information on climbing routes, difficulty level, and location of each route. If you do make it out to one of these locations, be sure to wear the proper safety equipment when climbing and follow all safety practices within the State park.

Maybe you are an experienced climber who would like to try some new routes, or you have always wanted to get into the sport; either way, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has something for you to discover and enjoy.