Come Out and Play

Cavanal Hill

Cavanal Hill is boasted as the world’s highest hill at 1,999 ft above the surrounding terrain. Cavanal Hill derives its name from the French word meaning “cave,” and was a famous landmark for the French and American Indians over 150 years ago. Botanist Thomas Nuttal of Boston first became interested in this “mountain” in 1819 and spent time here studying plant life and talking to the American Indians and French trappers about the hill and all its natural wonders. He noted that the local Indians claimed to hear “rumbling noises from deep within the caves.” Today, Cavanal Hill is the site of five mile runs, mountain bike races and the famous Cavanal Hill Killer 5-Mile Walk. Travel up four and a half miles of blacktopped road to the top and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Poteau River valley and surrounding areas. Enjoy gazing at the stars from atop the hill, enjoy a picnic under the pavilion or have your photo taken next to the famous Cavanal Hill Rock. On a clear day, visitors can see Mt. Magazine in Arkansas.