Come Out and Play

Heavener Runestone Park

Surrounded by much mystery, the Heavener Runestone is a site worth seeing! There is much speculation as to the origin of the inscription on the stone and its meaning; however it is an old Viking language, elder Futhtark, used between 3 A.D. and 900 A.D. Come take the scenic nature walk down to view the stone and stop in the gift shop for a history lesson and unique gifts and runestone memorabilia. Be sure to also enjoy the surrounding Heavener Runestone Park on your visit as well. The 55 acre park holds picnic areas, a playground, plenty of areas to hike and explore, scenic outlooks and so much more! The Park also hosts a Viking/Celtic Festival the 2nd weekend of both April and October. The outdoor amphitheater is fill with the melodies of folk music. The Vikings descend and demonstrate traditional fighting and blacksmithing. Visitors are encouraged to dress the part and explore the vendors and park activities.

18365 Runestone Rd
Heavener, OK 74937