Come Out and Play

McAlester Scottish Rite Masonic Center

The Masonic Temple in McAlester, once referred to as the “Million-Dollar Temple,” now stands 140 feet tall with a thirty foot lit ball on top. This historic building holds the largest stage in the Southern Jurisdiction, 2nd to only one other stage like it in the country. Behind the stage, visitors can see scenery backdrops ranging from 60 to 80 feet hand-painted by artist Tim Moses. A little further back, they can also walk through the rows of costumes and see the authentic wardrobe from the historic movie “The Ten Commandments.” The white stone and buff brick building has been called one of the most beautiful Scottish Rite buildings in the country. The museum, activated in 1955, contains relics of the men who founded and grew the facility and associated Scottish Rite group. It also holds swords and intricate aprons of other Rites members.

305 N 2nd St
McAlester, OK 74501