Museum of the Red River

Museum of the Red River

The Museum of the Red River, is home to the official State Dinosaur of Oklahoma! It houses a full size cast of the most complete example of the 110 million year old fossil of the Acrocanthosaurus atokensis that was found less than ten miles away. The display measures nearly fourteen feet in height and forty feet in length! The Museum also houses exhibits to celebrate the world’s artistic heritage, including the contributions made by Native Americans. Here, artifacts from around the world, dating back to prehistoric times and those more contemporary in nature, have been preserved, displayed and are waiting for you to see! The Museum of the Red River will begin implementing renovations starting in December 2015. This large project will bring in more space for it’s exhibits and visitors. The Museum will be closed to the public during construction, including room rentals, but exhibits and most educational programs will continue to be offered in the adjoining Conference Center, during normal business hours.


Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Sunday, 1pm – 5pm

812 E Lincoln Road
Idabel, OK 74745