7 Reasons to Visit Carlton Landing This Summer

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7 Reasons to Visit Carlton Landing This Summer

By Amanda LaMora

“I’m bored.”

It’s the dreaded phrase all parents inevitably hear once the schools empty their busy hallways for the summer. Whether the kids have been holed up in their rooms playing countless hours of video games or running wild through the neighborhood in a blur of bicycle spokes and joyous shouting, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

And suddenly, you find yourself as the emcee of summer entertainment – on top of holding down your nine-to-five and all the other accoutrements of adulthood. It’s times like these when your schedule – however lax it may be in summertime – needs a bit of shaking up. It’s time for a family getaway.

Specifically, it’s time to get away to Carlton Landing – a charming, lakeside neighborhood where the kids won’t have time for things like electronics and boredom. It’s an escape where the days are measured by the movement of the sun and lasting memories are made.

Once you’ve been, you’ll understand the magic of it all. But for you first-timers, here’s what you can expect on a trip to Carlton Landing.

1. You Won’t Be Staying In a Boring Hotel Room
Hotels, motels, skyscraper accommodations . . . you won’t find any of these in Carlton Landing. Instead, you’ll have a full-size house all to yourself, complete with deep porches, outdoor grills and your own bedrooms. Staying here is about connecting with family, and it all begins with the space you’ll be occupying – a space that truly invokes that “home-away-from-home” feeling.

2. No Gear? No Problem.
No matter where you stay in Carlton Landing, the inviting waters of Lake Eufaula are always steps away – which is how you’ll be getting to the lake, unless you decide to rent a golf cart or bicycle (cars typically stay parked and walking is encouraged). Once you arrive at the shore, visit Lake Days Kayaks & Paddleboards Rental for all your lake fun equipment needs, including chairs, umbrellas and life jackets.

3. Plan On Being Outside – A Lot
Just like many residential neighborhoods, Carlton Landing is home to multiple parks and playgrounds where the kids can be kids. But with so much more to do here, playing outside becomes a family affair. From marshmallow roasting at the firepits or relaxing at one of the two neighborhood pools to engaging in a little friendly competition with bocce ball, sand volleyball or ping pong, there’s fun to be had around just about every corner. You’ll even find a few nature trails to explore on the south end of town.

4. The Food Is *Chef’s Kiss*
No, it’s not gourmet cuisine. But that’ doesn’t make it any less delicious. Mama Tig’s has unlocked the secret to mouthwatering pizza and it all begins with a wood-fired oven. Bud’s Frozen Treats brings smiles to faces of all ages with snow cones and ice cream. The Meeting House, where you’ll also find second-floor bed & breakfast lodging, serves up coffee, cocktails and all the meals in between. And there’s a myriad of seasonal flavors to explore at the food truck park.

5. Connect With Others at Local Events
There’s something about coming together in mutual celebration that makes a person feel like they belong – even when you’re not in your own backyard. Carlton Landing is all about fostering that sense of connection, whether it’s at an outdoor concert, movie on the lawn, rise and shine yoga session, or Sunday morning church service.

6. Shop Till You Pop
You won’t find mass-produced sundries or chain brands here. The seasonal pop-up shops at Carlton Landing feature one-of-a-kind finds, including unique apparel, home décor, handcrafted textiles, jewelry and more. It’s also where you’ll find the local farmers market – a great place to stock up on fresh, homegrown produce.

7. Don’t Want to Leave? Don’t Have To.
Carlton Landing is more than just a getaway destination. It happens to be an active full-time community, complete with its own public charter school. Join the Residence Club and you’ll have access to this dreamy neighborhood year-round, whether that means owning your own rental property or raising your kids in a quiet, tight-knit community.