Trout Fishing Tips & Tricks

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Trout Fishing Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re fishing for sport or for fun, Choctaw Country is offering a few trout fishing tips and tricks. With our knowledge from baits to behaviors, you’ll be prepared for a great day on the water in Choctaw Country!

Rods & Reels

You’ll need a good fishing rod to catch trout. Most fishing rods fall under three categories: spinning, fly and casting rods. Be sure to match the correct rod to the right reel. Spinning rods work best for catching trout. If you’re in need of a rod or reel, stop on by Man Candy Baits in Cartwright, OK. No matter if you’re a fishing enthusiast in need of some top-quality equipment or a first timer looking to get into it, Man Candy Baits friendly staff knows more than a thing or two about fishing.

Baits & Lures

Picking the best baits and lures is important for any trout fishing day on the lake. Below are three of our top picks when fishing throughout Choctaw Country.
Quiver Spoon: Very light allowing you to work with the current and allows it to flutter slowly toward the bottom of the lake or stream.
Tasmanian Devils: Great for casting in stream. They create fish attracting vibrations in the water.
Little Nipper: The bright feathers add a bright splash of color while continuously moving in the water to provide more action to your lake day.

Stay Stealth

One of the worst things a fisher can do is alert fish of their presence. It’s important to stay stealth in the water and to work from stream edges when possible. Also, use the natural streams coverage for concealment and to avoid sudden movements.

Beware of the Current

Stream current is very important to trout fishing. The current is what brings food to trout, which means they will always hold their noses facing up the current. It’s important to cast upstream and retrieve your bait with the current.

Every day on the water in Choctaw Country can be different. The above tips and tricks are a general guideline to assist you on your day on the water. For more activities throughout Choctaw Country visit our events page. Remember to use #ChoctawCountry to share your trout fishing experiences. Happy fishing!