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Water Sport Adventures

By Christian Toews
From the July 2021 Biskinik

It’s an iconic image of the outdoor experience: a kayak glides across a glassy stretch of water, its bow knifing through the water and its wake stretching out behind. Imagine a canoe cutting through the river rapids on a warm summer morning.

Choctaw Country holds the perfect spot for your next kayak or canoe adventure.

According to the Oklahoma Water Resources Board‘s website, Oklahoma has approximately 1,401 square miles of water area in its lakes and ponds and about 167,600 miles of rivers/streams.

Much of this water is located within or bordering the Choctaw Nation. Oklahoma’s largest lake in surface area is Eufaula, at 105,000 acres. This lake sits within the borders of the Choctaw Nation and offers a huge expanse of water to explore by kayak or canoe. Lake Texoma is the second largest, with an impressive 88,000 acres. Lake Texoma sits on the border of Choctaw Country but close enough to visit if you are in Durant. Maybe you want to stay at the third-largest gaming resort in the world and pop down to Lake Texoma to enjoy a sunset by kayak. You can do both by visiting the Choctaw Casino and Resort in Durant, Oklahoma.

Kayaking or canoeing on a lake or pond can be a great way to explore without hiking around the shoreline. Having a small boat is also a unique way to go fishing. Many people enjoy taking their kayak or canoe and fishing otherwise inaccessible parts of a lake, river or pond.

Trey Hedrick is an avid fisherman and kayaker. He enjoys fishing from a kayak. “The kayak is a great fishing experience. It gives you access to different areas than fishing from the bank and is a relaxing way to spend time on the water,” said Hedrick. He also commented on a recent river kayaking trip he enjoyed. “We had such a good time floating on the river and being able to have good conversation and enjoy the river and the water. If you have never taken a river trip, I highly recommend it,” he said.

One of the best and most popular places to canoe and kayak in the Choctaw Nation is the Broken Bow, Oklahoma area. It doesn’t matter what type of water you want to be on; this area has it all, from the fast-flowing rapids of the upper and lower Mountain Fork River to the tranquil waters inside Beavers Bend State Park. Many kayak and canoe rental locations in and around Broken Bow offer float trips in the area, and people travel from all over the area to escape the ordinary and enjoy one of Oklahoma’s most beautiful areas.

Broken Bow Lake is another fantastic location to take a canoe out on the water or kayak to a new location. This lake covers 14,000 acres and has 180 miles of shoreline, so there is plenty of room to explore. Whether you bring your own canoe or kayak or you rent one when you are there, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy this lake.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner to paddling or an experienced kayaker. Choctaw Country has something to offer anyone who wants to escape the summer heat and get on the water. For more information on area lakes and rivers, browse our website and explore the many options inside the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.