5 Keys to a Carefree Spring

Choctaw Country Destinations

5 Keys to a Carefree Spring

By Amanda LaMora

There’s no better time than now to be outside. To skim your fingers across the crystal blue of a cloudless sky and comb tendrils of grass with your toes.

I love the way nature seems to congregate in a unified celebration of these sun-saturated days of late spring. The way the light conjures life from the very ground as sprouts rise to meet the day, awoken by the sun to vibrant shades of fuchsia, saffron and periwinkle.

In our own ways, we all reach for the sun. We push ever-upward toward the promise of something brighter, of growth and new beginnings. Our spirits brighten at the touch of light as our own colors swirl within us until we are happy like yellow and blooming like dandelions, ready to be carried off by the breeze on some hopeful adventure.

Just where that adventure unfolds is completely up to each of us. And Choctaw Country is full of carefree, outdoor activities worthy of the journey.

1. Motorcycling Touring
To hit the open road with nothing between you and the sky but the roar of wind in your ears is one of the many rewards of motorcycle touring. If you have yet to explore Southeastern Oklahoma on your motorcycle, you’ve been missing out on some of the most idyllic byways in the area. Lucky for you, we’ve mapped out the most scenic routes: the Durant, Hochatown and Carlton Landing trails.

2. Fishing
There’s just something meditative about spending a day on the water trying to hook the perfect catch, and Choctaw Country is brimming with amazing locations to cast your cares away. Lower Mountain Fork River at Beavers Bend State Park is a prime location for fly fishing, attracting anglers from miles around in search of the perfect trout. If you come back later in the season in search of bass, be sure to cast your line at Lake Texoma near Durant – one of the best lake locations for striper fishing in the United States.

3. Ziplining
Catch a zipline at Rugaru Adventures in Broken Bow, and you’re in for a wild ride full of stunning scenery as you soar through the treetops with a bird’s-eye view of the forest surrounding Broken Bow Lake. Prefer to keep both feet on the ground? Check out their SWINCAR tours – a new, sustainable way to off-road.

4. Stickball
Historically used as a method of settling disputes without the cost of war, stickball is an important part of Choctaw culture. Modern-day stickball is currently rising in popularity with annual tournaments being held across the nation. Visit Poteau in May, and you’ll be fortunate enough to witness one of these action-packed events at the Poteau Stickball Tournament.

5. Hiking
This list just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning all the amazing trails throughout Choctaw Country waiting to be explored. Robbers Cave State Park is one of my favorite places to get lost; between the fascinating history which earned this park its name and the diverse terrain of rocky hillsides and caves, it’s a place that fosters imagination and wonder. Another great place to hike is at Talimena State Park, where the trails are surrounded by stunning scenic views.